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About Pizza Advisor

A spin-off of the so popular Burger Advisor. Obvious must Pizza have it´s own site as well. Here you will find/rate the absolute best pizza restaurants in Sweden. To find the best tasting pizza is a priority, but other things matter as well. Environment, service....
The focus is on pure pizza restaurants. Real restaurants, not your local pizza delivery joint on the corner. And it should be gourmetpizzas. We will try to limit and list about top10 in each city. Have you found a restaurant that should be here, email me!

The rating categories are:

  • Menu Selection – How much is there to choose from
  • Taste – VERY important category. The tasting experience of the pizza itself. 
  • Presentation – You eat with your eyes, right? First impression always important. Plating is everything.
  • Environment – Cosy, noisy, relaxed
  • Service – well service….good service, bad service
  • Value for money – The pizza can be fantastic….but if it costs you a small fortune…
  • Paying process – Now what is this? Well nobody likes to wait for the bill for ever. The lunch break is a valuable time of day. We want to eat pizza, not waste our time on other things. Service can be good…but if there´s a long process to get out of there……here´s where you rate it.

Only honest real ratings will count. Only 10´s or 1´s is probably not realistic and will be treated as a fake(bot) and it will be blocked.

Now let´s eat….and rate!

Rickard Frejemyr, Pizza Advisor President